Was sherlock holmes an archetypal victorian gentleman essay

All these characters ostensibly had an influence on the nature of Holmes, especially Dupin. All detective novels follow similar rules which include the need for one dominant detective.

Was sherlock holmes an archetypal victorian gentleman essay

I will then, with the use of evidence from a variety of the stories, analyse whether Sherlock Holmes was an archetypal Victorian gentleman.

Before we can begin to analyse the characteristics of Sherlock Holmes it is important that we understand the environment he lived and worked in.

Victorian London was a place of disturbing contrasts and divides where the middle-class folk drank tea in comfortable drawing rooms, whilst those less fortunate lived in cramped conditions plagued by epidemics of typhoid and cholera. Crime was far more prevalent in Victorian London and was considered a way of life and a form of income; the misty, dense smog, paired with the eerie flicker of the gas lamps providing the perfect cover for criminals.

Police levels on the streets were minimal and the Police force was shadowed by corruption across the force. It was far from the wide paved streets of today, with narrow cobbled streets and dark and poorly lit alleyways.

Sherlock Holmes was a man of prosperity and wealth. He lived in comfortable surroundings and does not work for the money, but more as a means of passing the time. Holmes also portrays many characteristics which are a clue to his wealth.

In the Victorian times those who frequented the early hours of the morning were usually the working-class of society. Victorian England was a deeply religious, Christian country.

Although Holmes never uses a religious means to solve a crime or find answers; he does give some suggestions to his religious beliefs.

Was sherlock holmes an archetypal victorian gentleman essay

This is open to interpretation, as it is unclear whether Holmes is referring to God or to the courts. Holmes only rarely gives us insight into his religion and it is only discussed on a handful of occasions. However, this does not necessarily suggest that Holmes was without religion.

An example is when Holmes is faced with a client by the name of Violet Smith. Through his skills of observation and deduction, Holmes deduced that Violet Smith likes cycling, as there are slight markings on her shoe soles caused by the friction with the pedals.Other comic series are of a more familiar London as in Victorian Undead which has Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and others taking on zombies, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, and Count Dracula with some advanced weapons and devices.

How Conan Doyle Perceives a Victorian Gentleman in Sherlock Holmes - How Conan Doyle Perceives a Victorian Gentleman in Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a hero, he is also a typical Victorian gentleman. Sherlock Holmes.

Was sherlock holmes an archetypal victorian gentleman essay

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The Detective Story Genre: Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories One of the most popular literary forms is the detective genre. The most remarkable detective author of all time is the late nineteenth century writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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