Understanding psychology in nursing practice

Nurses and midwives must be prepared to answer to others, such as people in receipt of healthcare, their nursing and midwifery regulatory authority, employers and the public for their decisions, actions, behaviours and the responsibilities that are inherent in their roles. Accountability cannot be delegated.

Understanding psychology in nursing practice

Nov 9, '11 Occupation: Clinical Research Coordinator, Oncology From: I am in nursing school now and work as a tech in a psychiatric unit both adult and pediatric units. It has helped me ZERO. I also have a bachelors degree in psychology.

Nursing school is a second attempt at a career for me Last edit by foreverLaur on Nov 9, '11 Nov 9, '11 Occupation: A primary responsibility of the nurse is patient education.

We have NSG Dxs of, "readiness for education", "deficient knowledge", "enhanced readiness for education", etc. When a person is honestly asking why they have the same patterns repeatedly, you have some basis for educating them regarding the coping process, and encouraging them in new behavior patterning.

In practical terms, it offers you insight into such things as medication non-comliance financial, attention-seeking, depression, etc. Please someone give me something I can use and not tick off my professor.

Raw Erickson and Maslow sans the political machinations of up and coming doctoral hopefuls are very scientifically sound.

These are far more related to real world practice than the masturbatory practices and recommendations of responsibility denial, right of expression and tolerance for maladaptive behaviors. They are also much more scientifically based repeatable, verifiable and generalizable than most of the current fodder that fosters dependence on a self-sustaining "therapy" model and political feel-good.

Nov 9, '11 Joined: I ended up focusing my psychology degree in behavioral neuroscience and studied psychiatric disorders very indepth in undergrad.

Featured Sponsors But in order to care for someone, nurses must have knowledge of not only procedures, diagnoses, and treatment, but they must also understand what is going on with the patient on mental level, which, without an understanding of psychology, would not be possible. Medical issues may trigger or aggravate psychological issues, such as depression in patients or family members who are scared of what they are going through.
What Is Evidence-Based Practice? Health policy can appear complex and remote from nursing practice.
6 Nursing Learning Objectives for MSN Students - Keiser University It also discusses some of the implications of each of these phenomenological approaches for nursing research. Phenomenological research techniques offer nurses a valuable way to understand the lifeworld of nursing.
Bestsellers Expand These definitions relate to the use of terms in the Registered nurse standards for practice. Accountability means that nurses answer to the people in their care, the nursing regulatory authority, their employers and the public.

Most of my classes were combined with neuroscience graduate students. I found that rather fascinating. I understand why nursing students have to take developmental psychology, but I think it would be far more useful if nursing had their own course, instead of the general psychology course.

Nov 9, '11 Quote from ttownstudent I'm not surprised to hear that since the class itself seems to be a joke, BUT it doesn't change the fact I need to write a paper. I hope it will give you some direction.

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If I need to be more specific, or if you need anecdotes, LMK. I don't want to write the paper, however So I asked my teacher Nov 9, '11 Quote from mindlor Sounds awesome Rob, however, very few nurses that I know have a great deal of time to teach patients anything Psych based teaching is called "effective manipulation".

As noted, many don't want to change, many aren't near a state of readiness to change, and with those groups one is simply more aware of the level of social risk they pose, and one is also able to triage. For those tired of the current life scheme, one has opportunity.

For the DV victim, who's in the active process of leaving, you can do some constructive work. I'm using extremes, to illustrate the point, but the model is generally present.

On "The Dark Side", if you believe someone should be in jail, vs.

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Though not as fun, but more acceptable to Admin. I've used both ways, with full legal justification. Psych is very practical, guys But just like RN school, there is the text book on one hand and then reality on the other I dislike that this is the case, but that does not diminish the fact that sadly, it is the caseNursing theories are necessary and very important for the discipline of nursing; they define the body of nursing knowledge, promote further knowledge development, establish nursing as a profession, and aim to give directions to nursing practice.

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing A GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION Suzanne C. Beyea, RN, PhD, FAAN but they may contribute to understanding best practices or the processes of care in which .

Like other psychology careers, mental health nursing focuses on the emotional and behavioral aspects of wellness. Psychology in Other Nursing Specialties Even if you do not work in the mental health area, you can still use psychology on a regular basis in your career.

Nearly all nursing degree programs include psychology courses, whether a basic course in general psychology or specialized courses in patient psychology that .

Understanding psychology in nursing practice

The nursing field values evidence-based practice to drive this mission. Evidence-based practice is the conscientious use of resources to make decisions about patient care.

Michelle Pardee, DNP, FNP-BC, is a family nurse practitioner (FNP) and clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of grupobittia.com Pardee is the program lead for the FNP program and coordinator of academic programs in the Department of Health Behavior & Biological Sciences.

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