Speeding automotive safety technologies and electronic

The global automotive electronics market size is expected to reach USD

Speeding automotive safety technologies and electronic

Though ignition interlock devices are commonly used as a deterrent for those convicted of alcohol-impaired driving offenses, NHTSA studied the idea of using these devices to prevent teen drivers from driving drunk. When researchers spoke with ignition interlock companies, they found that only a small number of individuals in the U.

When researchers spoke with car insurance companies, the insurance companies said they were open to the idea of offering discounted premiums and other driving incentives when drivers used ignition interlocks, but they would need more research that shows that the ignition interlock lowers driving risks, changes behaviors and makes young drivers safer.

Parents and teens seemed to think that, overall, the device could be helpful in preventing drunk driving, but it could lead to teens using drugs instead of drinking and finding other methods to circumvent ignition interlock devices.

Parents and teens also felt that installing the device would be too invasive and the reputation of the device, something used for punishment, would need to change before voluntary installation of these devices becomes acceptable. Researchers found that automated uploading of ignition interlock data has made it easier to track program statistics and success, but it has yet to be seen if this automatic uploading of information is helpful in evaluating alcohol-impaired driving recidivism.

According to the study, it appears offenders are not dealing with their underlying drinking problem or reducing their alcohol consumption while using an ignition interlock device. The study suggests this may mean a combination of treatment for alcohol use disorders with interlock programs may be needed.

This need, though known, has not been realized in part because of lack of coordination of sanctioning and treatment programs for these offenders.

Law Enforcement

Issues relating to turf, cost, privacy laws and technological impediments are factors that may be contributing to a lack of coordinating and sharing this information between states, courts and probation offices.

State Legislation Legislation on impaired driving was considered in 48 states, with over bills debated in Legislation was enacted in 35 states. Ultimately, these laws are intended to reduce impaired driving, thereby reducing injuries and fatalities.

Legislation was enacted on a range of topics addressing impaired driving, from modified ignition interlock requirements to higher penalties for repeat offenders and sobriety monitoring programs.

That makes up over 57 percent of all drivers that had been drinking and were involved in fatal crashes in The sanctions, which vary from state to state, include longer license suspension, longer terms of imprisonment, additional fines, installation of ignition interlocks, vehicle sanctions or mandatory treatment.

The BAC levels at which these sanctions are applied vary as well, ranging from. No states enacted high BAC laws in Ignition Interlock Requirements Ignition interlock devices are installed in motor vehicles to prevent the car from being started if a set level of alcohol, usually.

Most devices require random retesting while the car is running to ensure that the driver is not drinking once the car is started. Many courts include the use of ignition interlock devices when sentencing offenders convicted of driving under the influence DUI.

All 50 states have passed legislation that allow or require use of ignition interlocks for some drunk driving offenders.The National Safety Council's My Car Does What website offers comprehensive descriptions of new auto safety features, including FAQs and videos.

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Speeding automotive safety technologies and electronic

EyeSight is an extra set of eyes on the road, and if need be, an extra foot on the brake when you drive. When equipped with Subaru EyeSight, the Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Crosstrek, and WRX received the highest possible rating for .

4 days ago · Growing adoption of safety systems to curb road fatalities and increasing demand for state-of-the-art vehicles are expected to fuel the automotive electronics market. The product addresses a variety of automotive non-safety applications such as eCall systems, SPEED, ESP GYRO) CLASSIC FREEMOUNT - 3AX GYRO + ODO + ACCELEROMETER CLASSIC (starting from ) for active safety applications, such as electronic .

Automotive sensors monitor and management the chemical, physical and method changes of the cars. Sensors square measure accustomed minimize the fuel consumption, reduce onboard weight of car and comply with government laws towards the passenger’s safety.

NHTSA works to advance the lifesaving potential of vehicle technologies.

Speeding automotive safety technologies and electronic

Automated Vehicles for Safety Learn more about the exciting technology that is moving America’s drivers toward more fully automated—and safer—vehicles.

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