A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? A special note of acknowledgement is to our course instructor Mr Shahid Hossain for letting me do this project on Beximco Pharmaceuticals. He was very generous and productive toward mewhile conducting the course and he was the person who has guided methroughout preparing the report.

A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

Read more As BEXIMCO has grown over the years, the flagship platform now has operations and investments across a wide range of industries including textiles, trading, marine food, real estate development, hospitality, construction, information and communication technologies, media, ceramics, aviation, pharmaceuticals, financial services and energy.

The Group sells its products and services in the domestic Bangladesh market as well as international markets. It is synonymous with innovation, trust and quality.

The Group consists of four publicly traded and seventeen privately held companies. The Textile division is a fully integrated manufacturer of cotton and polyester blended garments for men, women and children, both for domestic and export markets.

A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

The Pharmaceuticals division manufactures and sells generic pharmaceutical formulation products, active pharmaceutical ingredients API and intravenous IV fluids. The Group is also the largest ceramics exporter in Bangladesh.

State-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in the vicinity of Dhaka provide the Group with a highly cost effective manufacturing base. This facility provides ready access to captive power generation, water purification, liquid nitrogen, waste water treatment and other key infrastructure.

Each Group company is managed by an independent, professional team with significant depth of experience. Management teams have established a clear strategic plan that will further strengthen the overall platform. BEXIMCO intends to leverage its market position and global scale, further diversify operations into highly profitable sectors, capitalize on the domestic growth opportunity and selectively pursue international opportunities going forward.

Sponsored organizations include "Proyash", a specialized institute that works for the holistic development of children with special educational needs and "Gono Sahajjo Songstha", an institution that provides education for the underprivileged.

All our activities are therefore directed to the well being of the society in general.

A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

As part of the social commitment, the company sponsors news supplements on important social occasions. We also provide active cooperation and support to different organizations and professional institutions in their sociocultural development programs.

The Company helps to run many Schools in and around its production sites and Industrial Park. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our customers, bankers, suppliers, government agencies, regulatory bodies and everyone with whom the company interacted in conducting its business.

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We are grateful to you, the shareholders, for extending at all times, your valuable support and cooperation to bring the company to the level it has reached today. The success we have achieved so far was only possible because of the collective efforts of all concerned. He is a renowned businessman of the country and is widely acclaimed for his contribution to the development of private sector.

Rahman plays an active role in the continuing progress of the Beximco Group. Rahman brings his 9 years expertise to the Beximco board and is instrumental in advising the board in current business strategies as well as future growth potentials.

Rahman is the son of Mr. Rahman is also instrumental in working with various international organizations and supporting charities both locally and internationally for the development of autism and other world issues. Rahman is a counselor of the Abahani club, the largest sporting club in Bangladesh, which is chaired by his father, Mr.

Being a great sports fan and advocate of promoting various sports in Bangladesh Mr. Shahryar Rahman plays an active role in the continuing progress of the Beximco Group. Rahman brings broad experience across strategy, operations and financial aspects of Beximco Ltd. He is currently responsible for overall operations of the Beximco Textiles Division.

Rahman completed both his graduation with honours and post graduation in Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College, UK.History: Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading edge pharmaceutical company.


It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, well manufacturing facilities, and outstanding professional services.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Beximco Pharma) Completion of the acquisition of Nuvista Pharma Limited. Written on Thursday, 05 April WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. Recruitment and Selection: a Study on Beximco Pharmaceuticals We are very grateful to Senior Officer Miss Sadia and other fifteen employees from HR dept.

of BEXIMCO Pharmaceutical Limited from whom we collected the information. We would like to take opportunity to express our sincere feelings and. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited Barn Burning Essay. CHAPTER I The PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE INTRODUCTION Rationale of the Study.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd Case Study - Research Paper

Dear Madam, We are pleased to submit herewith our group report entitled as Organizational commitment and Job performance on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd and ACI Pharmaceuticals Ltd requirements for partial fulfillment of the course MGT This report is a summary of our findings from two Pharmaceuticals Organization in Bangladesh.

Moreover, reports are usually highly structured, so that the information they contain can be easily understood and in general we prepare a report in order to gain practical knowledge.

Finally, to complete the course successfully we have to prepare a report on compensation management of Beximco Pharmaceuticals limited.

A study on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited Essay Example for Free